Update Logs

July 19th update
* Weapon shop
  • Pawn shop
  • Fixed equipment system
  • Fixed other major bugs
July 30th update
New update, July 30th

This update adds several new guns, and brings many many improvements to animations, lighting, and sound. Shop prices have also been altered slightly, and many bugs were fixed. A new area has been added to the map.



  • M14
  • Tommy Gun
  • MP5
  • M4A1
  • AK47
  • SCAR-H


  • Added footplanting
  • Added inverse kinematics for arms
  • Remade all the gun holding animations
  • Better directional animations
  • Equipment no longer teleports to your hand and back when holstering
  • Animation replication should use about 2x less networking data


  • New warehouse area with new zombies
  • New building in Salvation
  • Other stuff


  • Complete overhaul of weapon sounds, 40+ new sounds
  • Every weapon now has its own, distinct sound
  • Weapon sounds are now randomized
  • More ambient sounds added to certain locations


  • Reconfigured all of the lighting and post effects
  • Colors and contrast should be waaay more consistent
  • All the lights in the map should look better
  • Improved the day / night cycle



  • Remade the model for the Glock
  • Prices in the weapon shop have been reduced somewhat
  • Prices in the clothes shop have been reduced significantly
  • Tooltips now display different colors depending on if you meet the requirements for an item


  • When your weapon is unholstered the camera now has a locked view
  • The transition between the locked and unlocked camera is a lot better


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made players lose data
  • The inventory sometimes loaded slow for certain people, this has been fixed
  • Unholstering and the gun not following should now be fixed... ? maybe
  • Not being able to reload should be fixed
  • Other minor bugs were fixed

New patch, July 30th

This is a quick patch to fix some issues with the latest update.

  • Added recoil to guns
  • Balanced the damage and ammo of all guns
  • Changed the fire rate and damage of all the automatic guns, more realistic now
  • Fixed automatic guns shooting after exiting a gun range or going into a safezone
  • Fixed animations looking choppy for other players sometimes
  • Fixed item exploit that allowed you to get any item

August 5th update
New update, August 5th

This update is a quick one to improve the overall functionality of the game. A lot of bugs have been fixed, and some changes were made to improve gameplay.


  • Your screen now turns slightly red the more damaged you are.
  • The screen blur and tint when you get hit is now more obvious.
  • There is now a distinct heartbeat sound when your health gets low.


  • Loot spawns in a lot more places
  • Rifles deal more damage and cost slightly less
  • Inventory loads a lot faster
  • Guns automatically reload when you respawn
  • Falling damage should be less random and weird


  • Jetpack no longer shoots you into the ground
  • Jetpack now works even when wearing heavy / a lot of equipment
  • Jetpack no longer damages you if you activate and deactivate it in quick succession
  • Certain items should no longer be invisible when you respawn, such as the gas mask
  • Fixed a bug where clicking an item in the pawn shop would select the wrong item
  • You can no longer accidentally chat while interacting with NPCs